The Top African Safari Destinations!

I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten safari destinations, and maybe you disagreed with some of them?  Of course. it’s all subjective and why didn’t I include Etosha? Or Mana Pools or Kruger?

The truth is there’s just too many great places to go on safari in Africa and so much depends on what you want to see, how you want to travel and whether the most wildlife, the fewest people or a mix of culture, scenery and animals is most important to you.  And don’t try to fit too many destinations into one trip, you could fit three of my Top Ten into a safari to Northern Tanzania, but trying to combine East Africa and Southern Africa is just too much unless you have a momth free and even then spending much more than two weeks actually on a regular safari is enough for most people.  If you have enough time and money at your disposal, breaking up your long safari with other actitivities such as mountain trekking, time at the coast or gorilla trekking, makes a good change.

Wherever you go, get expert advice, plan it well and just do it – you’ll have  memories to last a lifetime!

Contact us at for help in planning your perfect safari.  Bespoke safaris arranged for from 1 to 14 people – the options, and opportunities, are endless!

Masai on Serengeti Plains

Masai Morani crossing the plains in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

About ajourneyintoafrica

I’ve both lived and worked in Africa in the safari industry and now have over 32 years of safari experience. I first visited Africa as an 18 year old, when I developed a huge interest and love for the continent. I led my first safari in 1986, after gaining an environmental science degree from London University, and have always been captivated by Africa’s animal and bird-life, by its huge horizons and wide open spaces, and by its people and cultures.

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