A Tanzanian Safari in verse!

Following is a verse written by Steve Kessinger after his safari in Tanzania in September 2013.  It’s a fun read and tells you far better than I can what a great safari destination Tanzania is and particularly, how great the local guides really are!

Out of Africa

 A journey into Africa, with lifelong friends we love so dear.

I must admit that now I’ve been, there is nothing much to fear.

A trip of a lifetime yes it was, it far exceeded what I wished.

I urge you all to make the trek, add it to your bucket list.


To Tanzania we flew, a far off land unpaved to traffic.

A safari trip just like you read about, in National Geographic.

Tented camps may not sound like much, but we really did enjoy it.

With comfy beds, a talking shower, and they even had a toilet.


Our guide Firoz an extraordinary man, he knew all the flora and the fauna.

Where is our camp I asked this man, “Why it’s just around the corner.”

There are no signs to tell you where you are or where you should be going.

“Trust your guide” he says, it’s all mapped in his head, it takes a lot of years of knowing.


We toured national parks of Tarangire, Arusha and the Serengeti.

The food was great – three squares a day, they even had spaghetti.

We journeyed down a volcano rim known as Ngorongoro Crater.

Creatures here and there and everywhere, lots of pics to share much later.


The jokes and laughs flowed just like the wine, the trip it was quite cheery.

Firoz knew where to spot the wild and would radio his friend Jab-Shiri.

We took so many photos with which we’ll make a very nice collage.

A long drive on the bumpy roads, they call the African massage.


We were on the go from dawn to dusk, no time to do your flossing.

Hurry up and wolf down your lunch, we’re gonna miss the crossing!

The wildebeest they ain’t so smart, up and down the banks along the river.

But when they decide to stampede across in massive herds, it surely makes you quiver.


The zebra with pajamas on as if sentenced to life in prison.

The cheetah scanning the plains for lunch, like he had on x-ray vision.

The hippo and the elephant, massive beasts and quite big lunks.

The elephant’s manhood, hanging down.  I swore he had two trunks!


The giraffes so close I could wring their necks, if I wasn’t quite so short.

The warthogs shy they turn and run, and leave you with a snort.

The leopards climbed acacia trees and trite to say they went out on a limb.

Big cats you just can’t hide your lion eyes. But they’ll prey for you when light gets dim.


Cocktail hour around the campfire, when the day is just complete.

Bush TV is what they call it, and if you wish to change your viewing..you just get up and move your seat.

After a few drinks and snacks around the fire., we were feeling a lot more chipper.

What was that strange sound that we just heard, not a beast… the call of a tent zipper.


The experiences and views we had,  they made us feel euphoric.

The Nile crocodiles and rhinoceros, appear so pre-historic.

The only thing I will not miss, I cannot tell a lie.

They bite you hard right through your pants, that nasty Tse-Tse fly.


All journeys as you know, must somehow have an end.

There is man I won’t forget, our Tanza-nian friend.

You went above and beyond everyday of our trip and I’ll speak my mind quite freely.

With many thanks to you Firoz I tip my hat, or as you say…. “asante sana” in Swahili.


 Steve Kessinger, Tanzania, September 2013.

Steve and friends visited Tanzania with Journey Into Africa in September 2013, in a privately arranged safari to Arusha, Tarangire and the Serengeti National Park and to the Ngorongoro Crater; staying in small lodges and camps.

To enjoy the same sights and experiences and with a terrific guide on your own personalised safari, get in touch at info@journeyintoafrica.com

About ajourneyintoafrica

I’ve both lived and worked in Africa in the safari industry and now have over 32 years of safari experience. I first visited Africa as an 18 year old, when I developed a huge interest and love for the continent. I led my first safari in 1986, after gaining an environmental science degree from London University, and have always been captivated by Africa’s animal and bird-life, by its huge horizons and wide open spaces, and by its people and cultures.

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