African Elephant

African Elephants Cooling Off

This is the first Journey Into Africa blog, if you like it, let me know, if you don’t, still let me know….
Last Wednesday was the first ‘ Africa ‘ program by David Attenborough, if you didn’t see it you can still get it on iPlayer and this week’s episode promises to be as good. The filming, as always, was fantastic and I’m often asked if it’s possible to actually go on safari to Africa and see the sights shown on this and other similar documentaries. Well, the short answer is yes, but you need to be in the right place at the right time and have enough time to actually watch and wait for the action to unfold.
African Giraffe

A peaceful Giraffe at sunset

That classic scene of the two male giraffe fighting can be seen quite regularly on safari, it has to be admitted not with quite the same aggression, usually more Audley Harrison than Mike Tyson, but those long necks and boney heads generate plenty of force and the impact is audible! Scenes around the waterholes can be found in any great wildlife area during the dry season: try Botswana, Zambia or southern Tanzania during August to October – elephant and hippo and many other species everywhere there’s water, in huge concentrations.

If you missed the show you can catch it on BBC iPlayer:
I can’t wait to see the next installment on BBC1 at 21:00 tonight (09.01.13) Don’t miss it!
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About ajourneyintoafrica

I’ve both lived and worked in Africa in the safari industry and now have over 32 years of safari experience. I first visited Africa as an 18 year old, when I developed a huge interest and love for the continent. I led my first safari in 1986, after gaining an environmental science degree from London University, and have always been captivated by Africa’s animal and bird-life, by its huge horizons and wide open spaces, and by its people and cultures.

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  1. mikeholford

    I look forward into seeing what more you have to say in the future of this blog. I am very envious of your experience. Being a South African living in ENgland I am constantly looking for the fastest way back to the bush and I hope to read some good stuff 🙂 That Africa program is great so far, even though it is more about the “filming” quality it is truly inspirational. Gathering from your experiences I am sure you have some wonderful photos or photos with some great stories behind the, I would love to feature some on my blog if you take a look and get in contact 🙂

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